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Last week I finished up proofreads and a few edits. Did some FTH admin and worked on next month’s calendar. I also watched some TV, which I really don’t do much of. Liking that Longmire show on Netflix. Yeah, that’s how little TV I watch. I barely discovered that show. 🤣

I’m kind of floating along right now. No concrete goals at the moment. Waiting for a final, extra, overkill proofread of my second book. Trying not to panic about it.

This week I’m going to work on the YA series my daughter and I started, along with a podcast based on that world. Something fun and new. Not romance, really, more urban fantasy laced with humor. We’ve written several episodes and are working on getting the format right. Totally different from novels, as you can imagine.

Wishing you all a wonderful week! And to Linda, a wonderful book birthday!




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