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I can certainly see why you write romance, Kathy. 40 years together is amazing. 🙂

Ooo, that Viking-Irish connection is interesting! Nordic is part of my family’s history, but it was determined that the likely connection was from the Vikings. They came to Ireland and Scotland and did all sorts of unsavory things. Vampires coming from there would not surprise me one bit. 😉


Some years are okay others the 30th bothers me. We were married 40 years 9 months and 11 days after meeting on a blind date and marrying a month and 19 days later.

I have a shifter series that has parts. It started with shifters leaving Delaware to move to Texas in the mid-1800s due to too many people around for them to shift safely.

Then I decided it needed an origin for these people. I went all the way back to 800-900 mixing Vikings with an Irish witch who’s the daughter of a goddess marrying a mortal man.

I want to create the link between them and the Native Americans in Texas that save the young girl in the Texas book. It might take several to do this, but it’s an idea that won’t go away.


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