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You got a lot done, Dory! Nice!

I’m more familiar with tomte than Nisse, but I think they’re the same thingā€“cute little elf gnomes. Although, if you follow me on FB, you know how I feel about elves. <shudders> I do like Jultomten, of course. (Swedish Santa Clause) šŸ˜‰



Its been a busy week, I wrote 5495 words, finished off my future learn classes and our own disappearing one.Ā  I’ve begun the mini writers retreat and the class on celtic lore.Ā  and our new one on regency.

We had a bad ice stormĀ  on Sunday and the Nordic Christmas Ā market was postponed until next Sunday. I may go hunting for NisseĀ  on the grounds of the Danish club(I’m sure Cheryl knows these) They are Scandinavian magical Christmas elves that resemble garden gnomes.

Hope everyone had a productive week.





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