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I don’t know of any resource that lists all the things you’ve mentioned, Linda, but it would be a neat resource to have! If you develop one, and don’t mind, you should post it to the productivity tools sticky post. I bet someone else could use it, too!

I use the romance beat sheet alongside a basic beat sheet for plotting. Jami Gold’s Excel sheets where you can adjust the word count for novels, short stories, novellas… That doesn’t have it all, but it’s my favorite plotting tool.



Been running through my entire first draft of novella number two. My main goal is to work out what parts I’ve got, putting them in the correct order, and then working on continuity.

I need to go through and make sure GMC are clear, then the twelve steps of intimacy, and make sure I’m following a story layout for novellas. Whew!

Is anyone aware of a resource that combines all of the above story elements into one handy-dandy little reference? I’m sure it would be an excellent exercise if I need to make my own.

Thank you for the reminder to take some time to enjoy the holidays!



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