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Last week and so far this week, I’ve managed to average 4 hours a day writing. I’m working on several different projects – a historical romance and a contemporary romance (they’re already written; I let them sit for a while before going over them again.  Also, I’m working on a short story that’s a little over 3,000 words right now and isn’t quite finished. And I finished a short romance and edited it several times before sending it to Woman’s World Magazine. As you may remember, I don’t submit to this magazine too much anymore because the chances of getting your story selected are so slim, but I went ahead and submitted a story anyway. It was originally over 3,000 words, and I couldn’t figure out what to have happen next or how it was going to end. It kind of got away from me. So I reworked it for Woman’s World.

Maybe one day I will sell more of my writing.



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