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Kevin Ryan


And a very merry Christmas to you and yours.  Happily or unhappily writing is no respecter of holidays.

How about:

  • The hero doesn’t know it of course but the mentor’s daughter is the heroine
    • Revealed after the hero has lost on several occasions
    • She doesn’t believe in the hero’s innocence re: the death of her father.
      • In revenge for her father she sells the hero out to the antagonist (drug lord type).
    • In this way:
      • The antagonist is able to stay one step ahead of the hero as he plots his escape
      • The daughter’s involvement adds to the dramatic interpersonal tension
        • She has a dark secret
        • Hero doesn’t know why he keeps getting defeated
      • Suspense is heightened
        • Antagonist and daughter are/get involved romantically
      • Explains how the hero manages to be thwarted so often
      • Gives you a second parallel storyline
    • The hero:
      • Discovers the supposed heroine’s duplicity
      • Plots his revenge
        • He starts winning more than he’s losing (top of the ascending action)
          • Sells out the daughter to the antagonist (double agent)
          • Sets up the antagonist with a DEA operation
        • The hero arranges to be killed (explosions are your friend) during the operation
      • Opens the door for a new heroine and a segue into a 4<sup>th</sup> book as the hero establishes a new identity/life off the grid

Just a few thoughts on Christmas Eve…

Yes, I’ve got too much time on my hands.





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