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Yes, Jeanne, that definitely a big part of it. But there is a lot more coming to light in the wake of the Milan/Tisdale issue and it is concerning.

Honestly, Todd, I’m not sure how RWA is going to proceed following this. I’m not sure the current staff and board even know yet.

I want you all to know that I get my information much the way you all do. I’m not holding out on anyone. I just don’t know.



I did some searching on Google and it looks like to board members who resigned were protesting the way Courtney Milan was treated. It looks like she may have been forced to resign and then the call for her resignation was rescinded. I’m still not clear what the exchange between Courtney and the accuser was, though.


I saw a post that linked to the complaints. Interesting reading. Not sure there is a good way out of this mess for the RWA.


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