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Here are my 3 reports. I’ll be at the meeting.




The Productivity Forum is active, with members reporting weekly and others checking in when they’re working on a project. We’re busy with our January Chain Event where members pledge to write/edit/or other writerly duty every day for the month of January, starting a “chain” of days. There are 11 members participating.

Cheryl Rider

Productivity Forum Moderator



Laura and I took a short posting break during the holidays, but we’re back at it. We’re currently:

  • Posting on Instagram 2-3 times per week
  • Sharing IG posts on Facebook
  • Sharing workshop and webinar posts on social media (webinars are FB only)

Due to personal issues, Laura is taking a hiatus from her duties as the social media chair, and Cheryl Rider is filling in for her.

Shirley Tudhope is currently posting new member welcomes on Facebook.

Cheryl Pitones for Laura Ashwood

Social Media



Upcoming publishing webinar series:

  1. Christina Hovland 2/22/20 (Hybrid) $250
  2. Angela Briedenbach 3/14/20 (Indies) $250
  3. Scott Eagan  3/28/20 (Traditional) $TBD

(Agent Scott Eagan doesn’t charge for his webinars, but I did ask if the chapter could perhaps make a contribution in his name to a literacy charity.)

In April, Merien Grey is giving a 4-week workshop on setting up a website that will conclude with a short webinar.

We are still looking at doing another webinar series at the end of the year. Perhaps a holiday series (Nov/Dec). Possibly another free Workshop-In-A-Box via Zoom.

Cheryl Rider (& Christine Grissom)



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