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I revised my goals. I am no longer attempting to write and focus on writing-related activities for five hours per day, although I am retired and could put in that amount of time.ย  However, doing this for the month ofย  December did allow me to finish a major revision of a women’s fiction novel that I have so far been unable to get an agent or a publisher to take.

So, for this year, I am working on submitting that manuscript to agents and publishers. I have queried nine agents and two publishers. So far, I had one full request (a request for the entire manuscript) from one agent and a partial request for the first 25 pages from another agent. I have had partial or full requests before (for different manuscripts) from these two agents), so although I’m hopeful, it’s possible that they could decide they are not interested.

I will leave it at that right now, but will submit to other agents and publishers if the ones who I’ve submitted to aren’t interest.

So, one goal is to pursue traditional publishing.

My second goal is to learn how to become my own publisher in the event that I decide I’m sick of pursuing traditional publishing. This includes learning about copyrighting, getting the ISBNs and finding a printer.

My third goal is to edit and rewrite one of the historical romances I’ve written but is at this point unpublished. To that end, I read, edit and do any necessary rewrites of one to two chapters per day. I review one chapter in the morning, take a break, and review one chapter in the evening.

My fourth goal is take workshops. I love the FTHRW workshops and that they are free to FTHRW memebers . Also, my public library offers many classes through Gale Courses that are free to library patrons (you have to have a library card to sign up for them). I took a wonderful class on romance writing led by Priscilla Oliveras. Right now, I’m taking a class on magazine writing (nonfiction). The next class I’m taking is on editing.

I highly recommend these Gale Courses to our chapter members and that you check with your library to find out if they offer them. They have lots of other classes in addition to writing classes. They even have classes on WordPress if you want to learn how to create your own website. If you know how to do that, then you don’t have to pay someone every time there’s a problem with your website.

Anyway, that’s what I’m looking at for this year.



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