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Lisa Coughlin

Social Media is the pit of death. That, and the real world. I can’t change the second but I’m trying to change the first. I took a class with Becca Syme and did the Clifton Strengths test. I’m so doomed, four out of the top five on my strengths assessment fall under strategic thinking. Researching is my super power and the internet is my drug of choice.

For example, writing at home is impossible. We watch grandchildren and I have a part time job. So when I finally do get time I go “Starbucking.” <grin> I stay off the wi-fi and work. Hubby says I need to turn off my phone but I haven’t gotten that brave yet.

My long term writing priorities are to publish this year. The short term involves putting in an hour a day either writing, editing, or studying the craft.


Thanks for everything,

Lisa Coughlin


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