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Laura Russell


I read your post and kept track of my day.

My time priority at the beginning of the week turned into the RWA debacle. I read a lot about the RWA ethics case debacle and related. This was about three hours, including wading through pro and chapter leadership posts. I didn’t spend much time figuring out twitter.

Next up were activities for writing: sketching some scenes. Writing part of a scene. This was an hour and a half.

I kept up with my scrapbooking circle on FB. This isn’t virtual reality because we meet at least once a week and do a lot together. Talked with a friend.

I did my daily routine of exercise, some chores, pet care, errands, and meal prep.

My writing activities for the day were the shortest segment of these four categories.

I skimmed Becca Symes book Tuesday.

Her title alone is helpful. I have been dragging part of my academic career along even though when I am aware that I am not doing research in my field any longer since I retired. I did work in Korea on international expos and planning for mega-events. I enjoyed that and day-dream about one more project, but I’m not keeping in touch, so I think I may let go of that, too.

So, in order to have the writing career I would like, I’m quitting. Part of quitting is reorganizing my home office, including shredding, recycling, tossing, and passing along a lot of paper and books. I’ve started that.

I think I’ll begin by focusing on one writing project. One of my goals for the beginning of this year is submitting a category romance since I love to read these. For this quarter, I will submit again to Harlequin by April 1. I’ve gotten encouraging rejections with helpful advice. I am working on the MS and synopsis.

Since the productivity forum started a ‘chain’ I’ve worked each day. This is helping me a lot.

I’m so glad you are teaching this course.



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