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Okay, my goal today was to was to pay attention to what was urgent, what was important and what was a distraction. Boy,did I get a lot of writing done. I also incorporated some breaks in there.

What’s urgent right now? Finish the editing my historical novel (this is about the millionth edit and I’s still finding typos, mistakes and things that can be improved). I’ve got one and a half chapters to go before I get to THE END.  But I know there are still things that can be improved.

What’s important? The short romance I’m writing to submit to Woman’s World Magazine and the short story I’m working on that’s part of a collection of shorts. I finished the rough draft of the WW Mag story, but didn’t get to the other short story.  Most of my time was spent on the novel edit. But that’s fine because I’m almost finished with it and then will be able to get to the short story I didn’t get to today.

I logged in 5 hours writing today – I’d been averaging about 3 hours a day prior to today.



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