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Merien Grey

Hi all,

What is listed above is not the procedure that was put in place when this was reviewed most recently. It is mostly right. But it looks like the P&PM was not updated.

It was Christine and two others in a small committee SEPARATE from the board. The application is on the website and goes to that separate committee for adjudication (they check to make sure the member has not gotten it recently and that it makes sense and they vote). It was removed from the board so that the board can’t be said to be playing favorites. Then if it was approved by the small committee the treasurer and webmaster were given the name to extend the membership without being privy to the details. This was done so that the names and reasons of applicants approved and otherwise were not released in the meeting minutes and made public to the chapter.

I can see if I can dig some of it up. It was to protect them members privacy so they didn’t become chat fodder for the board or the chapter.

Warm Regards,




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