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I’ve read both of Cron’s books, but one thing that either wasn’t there or didn’t stick in my brain was in the PDF. Action. Reaction. Decision.

I didn’t think to mention this in one of the other homework threads I read, but Jeanne pointed out one of those *facepalm* moments I keep having in these workshops. That of course they were there to actively solve a problem. That’s one of the reasons these workshops have really clicked for me. There are a lot of explanations, little sayings, and ideas that explain Story in a way that I’d always assumed, but never actually analyzed.

The above is another one. Action, Reaction, Decision or If, Then, Therefore is similar (in my mind) to that plot outline I shared in the book club a while ago. Plan, how the plan fails, etc. But I couldn’t get one of my stories to work with that plot outline. This one feels closer to something that MC would work with.

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