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Hi, Cheryl,

My main goal  for now is working on my first-round edit for my historical romance that will be published by The Wild Rose Press. I was really pushing myself and working hard at it and then totally messed it up. So I had to download the reviewed copy from my editor again and start all over from the beginning. I was really bummed out at myself.

At least I have almost 2 months to get it done. My due date to have the revisions/edits back to my editor is no later than September 1st. Even if I do one chapter a day (my goal is two  chapters a day), I’ll be done before Sept. 1st.

I’ve been doing similar to The Chunky Method . I work on it until I get tired then save it and do something else for a while. Then I go back to the editing.

I’m also doing the Book ’em Danno workshop. Lesson One is filled with a lot of great information.

That’s it for me.



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