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Mona, that’s a great goal. And I envy you the garden. Gardening is just not my thing, though I like to give it a try every once in a while just to remind myself of that fact.

Dory, you’ve had a rough time of it this year. I’d be surprised if you weren’t scattered in all directions. Glad you’re getting your classes in. I know how much you love them.

Jeanne, don’t be too hard on yourself. Edits can be tough. And be sure to save the file you “ruined.” You may find yourself changing your mind about it. There’s a point in developmental edits where I always feel like I should just trash the book and start over. Every single time. I just keep chugging along and hope I’m headed in the right direction. So far it’s worked out okay.

I made my daily goal every single day, although I had to switch out Friday’s and Saturday’s goals because we had plans and also because I fiddled around too much. 😉 I’m doing a minimum of 2025 words on weekdays and 1025 on weekends. So far, so good. I started this Wednesday, July first, and wrote 8511 words this week.

This next week will be the same as the last. I have a dev edit coming up in August and I need to get this book done.

We bought a new-to-us car on Sunday, a diesel SUV. We plan to pull a small trailer behind it. I haven’t seen my granddaughter since Christmas so once it’s safe, we’re going to take a trip out to see her. I kind of freaked out about being at the dealership when the salesman kept letting his mask drop down over his nose, but I wore mine properly and so did everyone else, so I’m sure it was okay. I stayed far away from him and we only once “shook hands” by bumping elbows.

Such a strange new world we live in, isn’t it?

Wishing you all a great week. Let me know if you’re interested in doing a SIAW with me soon! I just need a week when you all want to do it. 🙂





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