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Jessica Jayne

Even though I think we may all know it as readers – that pull that keeps us turning the page, but I’m not sure most of us are aware of the reason for the pull.

  • The sense of urgency we feel when a good story grabs us is nature’s way of making sure we pay
    attention to it. It turns out that intoxicating sensation is not arbitrary, ephemeral or “magic,” even though it sure feels like magic. It’s physical. It’s a rush of the neural pleasure transmitter, dopamine. And it has a very specific purpose. Want to know what triggers it?
  • Curiosity. When we actively pursue new information – that is, when we want
    to know what happens next — curiosity rewards us with a flood of
    dopamine to keep us reading long after midnight because tomorrow we just
    might need the insight it will give us.

To understand the rush from a physical perspective – the why we get giddy or anxious to turn the next page – gave me that Ah ha moment. Once you hear it, it makes perfect sense. Now translating that from reader to writer is key.

Jessica Jayne
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