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Pepper North

Okay, Linnea.  You’ve got me a bit frightened of the torture you’re going to put us through as the class continues.  I’m going to do my best…

In the Why Are We Wired for Story article, I picked out this section:  Suddenly it wasn’t just about figuring out the physical world, it was about something far trickier:
navigating the social realm.
In short, we’re wired to turn to story to teach us the way of the world and give us insight into what
makes people tick …

I write a genre that isn’t for everyone.  It is however for many more than those who would admit to it.  The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and explore something that those in your family might consider forbidden becomes the way to explore a part of you that has remained unrecognized and hidden.  People don’t feel isolated anymore.  They relate to a character personally. Even if a reader would never explore age play in real life, the concept of leaving the pressures and tough decisions to someone else is extremely attractive.  The fantasy alone, however, ignites an inner desire.

For me looking at the brain science helps remind me that I need to create characters who readers can identify with and create a scenario that even in some small part they can recognize and sympathize with–a parallel to their own lives. If I cry as I’m writing, I know the readers are going to love the book.


In the 7 Ways to Use Brain Science, my eyes fixed on this:  Action, reaction, decision—it’s what drives a story forward. What a simplistic story arc but so powerful.  Focusing on each segment here whether it is for an overarching storyline or for the chapters that blend together to lead to the ending, gives a purposeful blueprint for writing.

I immediately thought of my WIP.  I’m a pantser.  My toughest writing segment is the middle.  It’s where I always pause and think, this is garbage.  I’m also stubborn, so I stop and figure out what I need to move to the next stage.  Often that is creating more of a back story to impel the action forward.  I always love the book when it’s finished.  Perhaps, keeping this pattern in mind would help avoid that blah feeling in the middle?  It’s worth a try.


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