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Linnea Sinclair

To understand the rush from a physical perspective – the why we get giddy or anxious to turn the next page – gave me that Ah ha moment. Once you hear it, it makes perfect sense. Now translating that from reader to writer is key.

Do you feel it when you’re crafting, writing the scene? Do the scary parts make your palms a tad bit sweaty, do the funny parts make you snort out a soft giggle? If not, you’re not writing deeply enough.

Don’t for a moment think your own words cannot and should not elicit a reaction in you. Ever been super pissed off and you’re reciting whatever-it-was to your BFF, and your whole body is tense all over again? Ever have a sweet memory surface and you feel all warm and mushy again inside?

You. Can. Write. Like. That.

But it takes–and I truly hope all of you are reading this, and not just Jessica–1) a trust and 2) a release. 1) You have to trust that you can write this way. You have to step out in faith and jump into the emotional abyss. 2) You have to release judgment, you have to release your adult self, you have to release your fear.

You may have to pour yourself a glass of wine.

If YOU aren’t feeling it as you’re writing it, your reader can’t feel it either. Period.


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