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My first thought is science is cool. One of the guys in my local writer’s group is a PhD neuroscientist. He has talked about brain science some with us but usually more in terms of writing AI characters. I’m going to ask him if he’s read Lisa Cron’s books.

In thinking about openings I don’t mind being a bit overwhelmed and a little confused with a big action opening but my daughter (14 years old) likes a slower opening that sets the scene before getting into a conflict. In terms of brain wiring I gather there is something essential that is the same in these two styles. She’s getting a dopamine fix from something I might find dull, for example.

My Ah Ha moment is to give myself a break in that my first instinct is to plot. My first drafts seem to have a ton of plot and some dialog. When submitting these to my writing critique group I hear “too much plot” or “slow down”. Maybe it’s not that I’m wrong it is just I need more passes to build up the story. It is like the armature of a clay sculpture, absolutely necessary to hold the thing together but not inviting on its own.


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