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Linnea Sinclair

That’s one of the reasons these workshops have really clicked for me. There are a lot of explanations, little sayings, and ideas that explain Story in a way that I’d always assumed, but never actually analyzed. The above is another one. Action, Reaction, Decision or If, Then, Therefore is similar (in my mind) to that plot outline I shared in the book club a while ago. Plan, how the plan fails, etc. But I couldn’t get one of my stories to work with that plot outline. This one feels closer to something that MC would work with.

Well, I’m glad to know my workshops help! 🙂 Thank you! But, yes, you must analyze how story works. I don’t care if you analyze it intellectually or analyze is feeling-ly. Some writers grasp patterns. Some writers grasp flow (or music, for lack of a better word). The thing is not that patterns are better than music. The thing is, what works FOR YOU?

Do that.

Action-reaction-decision or plan-how plan fails are both fine EXCEPT (my opinion and my inmates here should know this) both ignore THE PRICE. Even in the story’s beginning, in the first chapter or even–bwah-hah-hah–the first scene, the reader MUST feel The Price Of Failure. Why? Because the POF is crammed full of emotions and they’re mostly bwah-hah-hah bad.

Yes, no, clear as mud?

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