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Linnea Sinclair

I actually classify my books under erotic romance.  That’s much different than erotica.  I also have books that are classified under contemporary (non-erotic romance or erotica).  I hope my content is not an issue?  I can be quiet.

Content is not at all an issue, dear heart. (Unless one hurts puppies or kittens, in which case I will Hunt You Down. Bwah-hah-hah!) My examples were not to swing you into Buddhism but to show the ancient underpinnings of the emotions of the forbidden/acceptance theme. Yes, of course, there’s the adage that “sex sells” but the fact is a lot of “sex” doesn’t sell because writers aren’t mining for the primal issues. If you’re going to write erotic romance (sorry about the erotica… but the theory applies there as well) then, yes, recognize (as you noted) the deeper issue, the forbidden and acceptance theme, the exploration of self-worth (and a dozen other brain-busters that can apply).

I’m on the other spectrum with science fiction, but I don’t (can’t) write all scientific dry theory or lengthy explanations of quantum physics… and expect readers to resonate to the story. I have to find the dopamine for the reader and it’s not going to be in a mathematical equation.

Yes, no, clear as mud?

//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//


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