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Linnea Sinclair

I think I do tend to focus more on prose in my writing. It’s something I’ll need to be aware of and change the focus of in my own writing to one of continually creating curiosity in the reader to keep them turning pages to find out what happens next. [#1]

There was the point to give specifics. It’s not something I’ve really considered and that if as a writer one can’t see it then readers can’t either. [#2]

I tend to be too nice to my characters although I know it needs to be there. Conflict is something I need to work on in my own writing. What occurred to me as I read Lisa Cron’s last point of if, then… and the story needing to make sense is that it’s something that should come out naturally from writing Scenes and Sequels [#3].

[#1] Use PROSE to do that. Use your talent at prose to generate curiosity. Word Choice (and I teach a mini-class in that) is a wonderful weapon to wield. Don’t throw away your Word-Slut badge. Use it.

[#2] This too goes to word choice:

A. Hey, Cynthia, there’s an animal in your yard.

B. Hey, Cynthia, there’s a rhinoceros in your yard.

Which example gets you running to your window?

[#3] I teach two courses in crafting conflict. (Big surprise, eh?) We will touch on some issues here (we have to–one cannot teach ANY aspect of craft of writing without including others). Yes, scene/sequel play a big part because they work to the ebb and flow of emotions. Or the increase and decrease of the dopamine…


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