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Linnea Sinclair

The interesting thing to me is the combination of conflict and curiosity. It may seem obvious, but one thing that conflict lends itself to is how will it work out? Or what will happen once she tells her boss exactly what she thinks of him–in a not good way. Conflict inherently gives us a situation that could come out in many different ways, and if we feel for the character, we want to cheer them on and have to figure out what will happen to them.

You should be in my conflict classes. 😉 We have fun with exactly this kind of stuff. Conflict must always leave unanswered issues. Going IN to conflict must always create several choices, the best of which is simply the least horrible of them all. “Conflict is the essence of story.” –author Jacqueline Lichtenberg

In crafting the initial opening scene, we need to hint at conflict to come (depending on genre). But the opening chapter–oh, sweetie, we need to have us some conflict! Get that dopamine ready!


//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//


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