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<span style=”font-size: xx-small;”>So many aha moments! The idea that the brain doesn’t care about pretty language, but about a sense of urgency explained something that happened at a writing workshop. All of us had paid a lot of money and worked hard for a week to present our stories to an editor at the end of the workshop. Then she proceeded to tell us that she was currently working with a writer who couldn’t write, but everyone in the publishing house LOVED what he did on page xxx. I simply couldn’t understand why they’d put so much effort into his story if he couldn’t write. Now I understand, I guess, but it makes me sad.

<span style=”font-size: xx-small;”>I also tend to have aha moments in Linnea’s response to people’s homework. Like this response to Kendra: “Even in the story’s beginning, in the first chapter or even–bwah-hah-hah–the first scene, the reader MUST feel┬áThe Price Of Failure. Why? Because the POF is crammed full of emotions and they’re mostly bwah-hah-hah bad.” And this one for Rebecca D. “they don’t need to know IT. They need to FEEL it, to FEEL the impact or the results or the effects of IT.” And this for Vicki “Very often the opening GMC is in exact opposition to the actual GMC.”</span>


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