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Linnea Sinclair

“Too much plot” in a critique confuses me as well which is why I won’t dwell on it for now.

I agree, don’t dwell on it right now. But a word on critiquing and crit partners… at least, a comment on how I view it and do it. My basic rule: If I can’t show you/tell you how to fix it, how can I tell you what you did is wrong?

Some of my former inmates have experienced my crits (poor things). 😉 One student in my last class asked if I always critted by doing line edits and substantive edits as well, and I think I said something like “doesn’t everyone?” with tongue firmly planted in cheek. 😉

So, yeah, I would ask what the comment meant and ask for an explanation. Not everyone–moi included–uses the same terminology. Because if you don’t understand the comment, how can you possibly fix it? I always try to give examples of “a better way” or a different way.

I’ve also never had a professional NY editor comment on any of my manuscripts that “this is wrong” without also pointing me in the right direction.

Just my two cents…

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