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Linnea Sinclair

(B) 1) What is the CHANGE used in the opener? What CHANGES or signals a change is pending? She’s been hit by a bus. That’s a past change, though. But the first line “Dying should have been the worst moment in my life” and “or so I thought” signal that even worse changes might happen.

I know. I love how she crafted that. It might interest you all to know that the first chapter wasn’t the original first chapter of the MS the author submitted and sold. Only after the house acquired the MS did Stacey’s editor (yes, author = Stacey Kade) request a new first chapter.

So, yes, you can SELL an MS with a less-than-perfect first chapter.

Core Need: Ability to handle Uncertainty–the reader is curious to see how the MC deals with the situation. (having read the book, I can see now that the author hits on almost all of the fears and needs within the book)

Hahah! Uh, yeah. As some of you know 1) Stacey Kade is my crit partner 2) Stacey is the same age as my daughter so I often refer to her as my “other daughter” 3) I adore Stacey (she’s my “other daughter) 🙂 but she is a bundle of crazy. And she’d agree. Her phobias have phobias. She writes from experience. 🙂

We’ve already jumped into the “I’m dead” situation and I’m CURIOUS to see what happens next since it seems the worst has already happened.

So true! Take one of humanity’s worst fears–death–and then push beyond that.

I like the situation and setting with danger looming. The active female MC who sounds in charge is appealing. The image of the silver object seen through the cavern’s opening is memorable, especially since it means danger. I’m CURIOUS to see if they’ll be able to escape with a damaged ship, do they need to escape, what will happen next?

“The main character must always be the one responsible for the actions and must be the character whose decisions and actions move the direction of the plot.” That’s kind of a combo quote from CJ Cherryh and Jacqueline Lichtenberg. But, yes. The reader wants to identify with an MC who makes decisions that move the story forward (again–the brain learns from trial and error). It’s a combo of “What now?” and “What’s next?” (and I CTRL-C this whole reply because I’m getting tired of losing what I typed… I’m far too blonde and post-menopausal to keep recreating things…) 😉



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