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Ana Morgan
  1. The CHANGE in this opener is Thomas Pitt’s unexpected summons by Queen Victoria, delivered by an emissary. Pitt’s everyday routine is upended—and he doesn’t know what to expect. The emotions are Loss of Autonomy, since he’s controlled by circumstances beyond his control, and Ego-death, since he is facing an unknown challenge to, or assessment of, his performance. This caught my attention because of the historical genre, where strict rules govern society-yet Pitt is the Head of Special Branch, so there must be some threat.


F: The change in this opener is Derek’s announcement that he’s bought a haunted house—without consulting her. The emotions are Ego-death, since this is a new relationship, and she’s not dominate, and how she will deal with the needs of significance and the ability to deal with uncertainty. This caught my interest (all the openers did), because it seems above the immediate issue of a possibly haunted house, their relationship is fraught with uncertainty, and this is an interesting thing to explore.



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