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Lesson 2:

But first, a comment from the other homeworks that made me laugh loud enough to scare my cat.

some gals behind us were talking about trying to write a YA novel because “kids are stupid, how hard could it be?”.


Mischief is giving me dirty looks for interrupting his nap.

I think YA is even harder to write. It’s hard to find something that hasn’t been done to death, nigh impossible to keep up with the changing trends (thus I am convinced YA authors are mages and no one will ever change my mind) and adults might push through a few chapters if the beginning isn’t that great. (Had to learn that the hard way, and from other people, because a book has to be revolting before I’ll toss it.)

And to bring this back here, since I kind of have a bad habit of dropping offhand comments instead of relevant things into other people’s homework threads.

Not to shock you, sweetie, but way back when I was first published (1999-2000), the rewrite of fairy tales into everything from SF to romance to mystery was in vogue… It’s a twist we never seem to get tired of. But then, a lot of fairy tales are very primal.

It’s not so much a shock as a “I wasn’t born yet so I didn’t read those” scenario. *cheeky youthful grin* lol Kidding Linnea, you’re awesome. But no, I am not surprised that it’s been a trend in all of modern writing history. (oxymoron much?)

————————— Okay now Actually Lesson 2  XD

I had to pick A. Though, this sort of puzzles me. (Who am I kidding? I’m a masochist so I picked this one BECAUSE it puzzles me. At least in relation to the homework questions.) I’m not sure what the Change is.

If it’s the fact that the chase is in a bordello, that I get, but it sounds like the situation the MC has dealt with in one way or another before. So I’ll go with the Change being the bordello, which puts a hilarious spin on the whole “being chased by a bad guy” situation.

Are sarcasm and WTF? emotions? I mean that certainly caught my attention and made me curious as to what was happening.

Within the story there’s a solid sense of humor and a bit of the thrill that running for your life gets you. So the fear of harm/death on behalf of the MC. Possibly the fear of embarrassment, though that ship has already sailed my friend.

And I already mentioned the sarcasm, humor, and WTF? sensation that caught my attention. (Read: Curiosity) There are many reasons I love Deadpool, and you don’t seek out Deadpool for the explosions and bloodletting. Those are just added bonuses.

Summary: Voice, Tone, and Situational Curiosity

Hoookay, and C.

Change: Obviously there aren’t alarms ringing constantly from any ship. That would just be annoying. (And an interesting form of psychological torture to file away for later)

Emotions, fear (of discovery, since we don’t know the consequences of discovery yet), and a resigned sense of “Oh what /now/” (might be me reading into it, but the whole “this is the last thing I need” vibe was pretty strong)

Catching my interest? It was a second-place tie with Wings (someone else said Angel, but I write shapeshifters and spirits so that wasn’t my first thought and it wasn’t explicitly stated) I’m more of a Fantasy over Sci-Fi, but I’m curious to know why this MC is in hiding. The ship seemed to be in a state of disrepair (tools lying around) so I thought it’d be neat to see what was next.

Bonus: Wings caught my interest more from a worldbuilding perspective. I want to know WHAT the MC IS more than why they’re getting their wings cut off.

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