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Linnea Sinclair

2) Name the EMOTIONS used in or generated by the change and note if they’re a fear or a core need or a combo. Annoyance. Which tells me I am looking at a comedy, or a light story, rather than a tragedy. This is tied to the fear of extinction – she is dead – but there is also a tie in to loss of autonomy when Alona makes the statement, He couldn’t see me. Nobody could. Despite her rather flippant statements before, you are getting the underlying fear that she is alone now. And to use the cliche statement – no one could hear her scream.

Annoyance! Bingo. Yep, Alona is annoyed. Which isn’t the usual reaction to death. So this is what lots of people call a ‘hook.’ It’s the unexpected and creates a change, not only for the character, but for the reader.


3) Why do these two openers catch your interest? Situation, style, pacing, voice, setting, or…?

I liked the voice of both of these openings, though they are night and day from each other. The lightness that the teenager dealt with her death and the gritty determination of the angel even as he mourns his wings both called to me. There isn’t much setting in either, but you get the feel for the road (and the exhaust) and  the surgical room with the burnt smells. Both draw you in and make you want to know how these two are going to handle their new normals.

That’s a good point–there’s not a lot of setting. We don’t have the camera panning across the field of waving daisies, coming closer to the weathered front porch and the porch swing, zeroing in on the crooked door knob…

No, we’re dropped INTO CHARACTER in both.

So, kids out there in writerly land, what feels more important: the waving daisies or the character now in the midst of change? 😉 I suspect Rachel/Juliette knows the answer. And so do the rest of you.

//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//


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