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Lesson 2 Homework

Selection B:

The change: We quickly find out the character is dead, and the the line three days AD I woke the usual way. That tells me not only is this character dead but she has been waking up this way for three straight days. So she has moved on from her ‘living’ life to whatever this new existence entails.

Emotions: The comedy of the text I believe plays into the emotions of frustration, annoyance, and the underlying fear. I believe this ties into the fear of separation, specifically, the loss of connectedness, of being a non person. Her comments of the bus driving over AD, and Ben’s car going right through her build well with no one could see her.  You could also go with fear of extinction since she is dead, but I believe her sarcasm and remarks tend to show more the fear of separation than the fact that she is actually dead.  She seems to have accepted the death but can‘t fathom that people cannot see her.

Selection G:

Change: This is clearly a change of plans from how Pitt envisioned his evening going. To be summoned, and escorted to the Queen is a very sudden change.

Emotions:  He appears worried but manages to keep those emotions under the surface with the line that he Managed to keep his voice almost steady. Ties to the loss of autonomy, specifically, controlled by circumstances beyond our control. He has been summed to the Queen, given no reason and now has to endure a silent ride while his mind wonders to what is going on and happening. He definitely is not in control of the situation, which to someone in his position is probably a rarity.

I picked the first entry because I found it funny and a bit light hearted that she does not seem to be bothered at all that she is dead. Just that her outfit is unacceptable, and that no one can interact with her. I picked the other entry because I can see myself in the character. Obviously, I’ve never been called to the Queen but, I can relate to being called to the boss with zero idea why and a long, silent, lonely walk there. This probably tells me that I prefer to read things that I find engaging and funny. And specifically that I can relate to while reading.



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