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Linnea Sinclair

emotions generated/relationship to fear: could be fear of mutilation, not knowing what waits inside; autonomy not knowing the physical challenge inside; separation a loss of connectedness to MaryLou because it’s becoming first the fear that this is the case and then seeing her body and knowing it is true.

I do like that in this opening part, yes, Sam not only is aware of a potential fear, he has to face it RIGHT NOW. This is to some extent the opposite of teasing the reader. And since many openers do just that–lay out some dopamine-filled situation but not YET resolve it, this is a shock to the character and the reader. Mary Lou isn’t missing. There’s not a mess in the house with Mary Lou nowhere to be found. She’s there and she’s disgustingly dead.

The only thing the reader can be thinking at this point is… OMG, it’s going to get WORSE!


//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//


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