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Tami Blankenship

Excerpt F

There are multiple changes in this opener.  For me, the main change is when Derek lets the main character know that he bought a haunted house. I was like cool haunted house story!  The sentences after the mention of the haunted house did involve change ie the character had a huge life change in the form of moving and new romance.  I felt like those were more informational.


I felt like the emotions used were for the majority fear based but there was a little bit of core need due to the love/relationship between Derek and the main character.  To me the purchasing of the haunted house felt like a little bit like a loss of autonomy because Derek made a major decision that the main character is now wrapped up in this renovation without really being given the choice of taking the project on. Also, I get the very vague underlying feeling of extinction because the house is mentioned as being haunted. Haunted=ghosts which = death that brings me to the feeling of extinction.  So the mention of purchasing the haunted house kind of catches my attention on a few levels.


Excerpt B


The opening starts out with the mention of the main character dying.  Death is the big change.


The big emotion could be fear based on extinction and some fear based of off mutilation.  Except B really caught my attention because it was like BAM Alona is dead.  I gotta find out what the heck is going on here. I need to be comforted and know that even though she is dead it is going to be okay.


I like the supernatural and both of these openings hinted at having supernatural elements because I’m just wired like that I guess.  Also, they were pretty direct in the setups so I knew what was potentially coming down the mountain.


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