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And proceeds to tell her client how horrible my house is.

I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. Why are some people such self-centered idiots?? And there’s you, racing around to get ready and having to swelter in your pjs. Grrr. (Oh, but we could make this into a great opening scene! murder? revenge? romance with the guy who spots you in your pjs?)

Ah, GAMES OF COMMAND. Lots of backstory on how that book came about, and if anyone is interested, we can discuss that in another thread.

Yes, please.

Does anyone in class write prologues?

I used to. I loved them for adding danger/adventure before the everyday scenes. They’d be set years before the NOW or in space, rather than down on the mundane planet so you’d know it was sf, not realistic fiction. Sigh. All the advice said to get rid of them, so I ended up deleting them or incorporating them into the story. I expect you’ll tell me to make my openings better and I won’t need those prologues.


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