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Linnea Sinclair

I’ve written prologues, but never published one. I’m sure there is a book w/ prologue that has sold a zillion copies. (I’m thinking Nora…)

I’d like the author backstory on Games of Command.

Get a new real estate agent?


Probably Nora’s romance genre stuff (I don’t read it, maybe someone can tell if she uses them). Lots of historical mysteries use prologues and lots of fantasy also. Family sagas? I’d bet those do too.

The thing with authors like Nora Roberts who’ve been published for decades–editors aren’t going to mess with what’s been working and might even be considered a “signature” style for a best-selling author.

That’s why the books like Laurie R King’s Sherlock Holmes-Mary Russell books are written in an old-fashioned style that’s “signature” Arthur Conan Doyle. Certain books are anΒ homage to an era or topic. The vintage style in and of itself is somewhat a hallmark of a genre.

As for real estate agents–mine is lovely. She’s not the one who showed my house. That was shown by a ‘showing agent’ who works for buyers. I’m a seller. πŸ˜‰ Not that a real estate agent can’t both list and sell/show. But generally–at least, in Florida–a buyer uses his or her own showing agent, not the agent the seller is using. So, yeah, wish I could thwack some of these showing agents, but… that would be bad form. (This isn’t the first showing fiasco we’ve had–we had one showing agent with clients show my house a full DAY before they were scheduled. So. Not. Fun.)

If I ever write a book on intergalactic real estate, I shall use all of this. πŸ˜‰

//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//


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