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Linnea Sinclair

I have to say in some mystery’s I also skip the prologue haha. But then again mystery’s are a bit off my current reading list because the alphabet ends in Z and not Y and that makes me sad. I don’t have anything to say about the thread but I kept thinking I would see the quote follow no rule off a ledge…..

Off a cliff, sweetie. Follow no rule off a cliff. 😉 Ledges aren’t as high and treacherous as cliffs. Unless it’s a ledge on the Empire State Building.

All that to say, don’t let a realtor make you feel bad since she/he was doing a terrible job for their client by ‘showing’ them a house that was never going to be a fit. And serious who hates vaulted  ceilings?

We’ve had the showing realtor come in with the cellphone camera or tablet and video the house. I’m totally fine with that and, up until now, they’ve always been honest as to the set-up. I  mean, why am I lighting scented candles and putting  the Michael Buble CD on if it’s going to be sent electronically across the country?

Vaulted ceilings, well… yeah, they’re lovely. They also keep the electric company employed because they suck up the A/C. But since the daughter and her hubs are tech execs with the electric company here in FL… I just keep reminding myself I’m paying for their next vacation… 😉

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