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Linnea Sinclair

I am not familiar with Lisa’s books, so I’ve made a note to check them out.

“Ever since kindergarten our goal has been to “work well with others.”  The lightbulb just about blinded me. Working well with others is what I do. I fix things (er, people – or try to) and I keep the peace. I suspect that’s why I’ve struggled with conflict in my writing. Now I need to figure out how to overcome that and still satisfy my need to be a fixer!


As Cron notes in the handout, writers are often too nice and insist on rescuing the MC before things get really bad. Or even a little bad…

But the brain needs bad to learn. It needs bad to learn SURVIVAL. Survivors not only know about bad, they know bad’s middle name and secret handshake. They’re the only ones who can truly help when the going gets tough, which it always does.

The bad-avoiders, the conflict-avoiders, the I’m-not-taking-a-chance-ers usually end up as a snack sooner or later. Their brains didn’t learn.

Try thinking of conflict (and writing conflict) as a SURVIVAL MECHANISM. You’re not causing tons of trouble for your MC. You’re teaching the good guys to survive.

You can also take my conflict classes. I believe we have a few survivors of those in this classroom now. Ask them. They’re not too badly scratched and dented… 😉

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