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Mona, I bet racking up 5000 words without realizing it is a wonderful feeling! It’s good to remind yourself how small amounts of writing can really add up. Just 500 words a day for a year adds up to 168,000 words!

I love quilts, but I am the black sheep in a long line of seamstresses. My mom quilts, too. So, I learned to sew as a kid, but nothing really stuck. I can do things like curtains, pillows, and I can follow a basic pattern, but I just don’t have the patience for anything more. I used to make my girls matching skorts for different holidays, but that was the extent of my ability. And my mom still sews, so I figure she can cover that aspect of grandmothering for me. LOL

Jeanne, it’s going to feel amazing to turn in those edits! How will you celebrate? One mistake I made, in the beginning, is I didn’t celebrate my victories. Small or large, I think things like that should be celebrated. 🙂 Often there is either Macallan whisky or chocolate involved now. Sometimes both. 😀 I used to get myself a good massage, but not right now.

My writing goals are 2025 weekdays/1025 weekends until I finish my current book. I put a 1025 day in the bank by writing 2025+ on Sunday, so I ended up writing 13,851 words last week. It’s nice to be ahead of things and feel that I can move at a less frenetic pace. If you ever need a tool to help you figure out a writing goal, I use the free version of this one:

In personal news, we are supposed to go look at an Airstream trailer this week. A small one, we can pull with our diesel SUV. Looking forward to taking some road trips and going on some writing retreats.

Hope you all have a good week!




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