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Lesson 2  Cha Cha Changes
Stories chosen C (Careless Venture) and E  (Fallen Angel)

1) What is the CHANGE used in the opener? What CHANGES or signals a change is pending?

C  – They are hiding and something is near. The alarm and the visual sighting of another ship signal they are not alone.

E – Surgery changes a person this guy is signally change in that he has never known pain before.

2) Name the EMOTIONS used in or generated by the change and note if they’re a fear or a core need or a combo.

C – Surprise that results in leaping to one’s feet. One can imagine fear and an elevated heart rate. We don’t know why they are hiding but Loss of Autonomy or Extinction seem like a good guess. Because they chose a natural cavern in hide in with a spaceship makes Autonomy seem more urgent.

E – Mutilation and Separation are obvious in this segment. The angel being’s complacency at what seems like a horrible loss was interesting to me.

3) Why do these two openers catch your interest? Situation, style, pacing, voice, setting, or…? (Hint: Understanding that will help you craft stronger openings for your own stories.)

The self-selection of these two stories says a lot about me I suppose. I was not interested in the urban fantasy, Victorian investigator, or contemporary procedural stories. The clues to the genre subtypes were clear.

C- The juxtaposition of a spaceship in a natural cave got my attention.

E- the fallen Angel story probably wouldn’t get my attention from a blurb but the imagery of that opening and mystery of why he’d volunteer for this was intriguing.


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