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Linnea Sinclair

3) Why do these two openers catch your interest? Situation, style, pacing, voice, setting, or…? (Hint: Understanding that will help you craft stronger openings for your own stories.) The self-selection of these two stories says a lot about me I suppose. I was not interested in the urban fantasy, Victorian investigator, or contemporary procedural stories. The clues to the genre subtypes were clear. C- The juxtaposition of a spaceship in a natural cave got my attention. E- the fallen Angel story probably wouldn’t get my attention from a blurb but the imagery of that opening and mystery of why he’d volunteer for this was intriguing.

Good! I see an Ah-hah moment swirling around here. You’re clear on the kinds of things that tickle your readerly fancy, which are the same kinds of things you should be front-loading when you write. The ‘fallen angel’ story especially shows you the juxtaposition of imagery and mystery. It’s not just any old operating room in any old hospital. And, for those of you ancient enough to remember, this ain’t your mamma’s Marcus Welby, MD. 😉

//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//


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