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Lesson 3 – Categories of openings

1    Ah-hah moments? Post’ em!
Using Goodreads I did a spot check of some of the books I rated the highest and then the ones I read this year. I’m surprised how few of the opening scenes stuck with me. I do DNF on occasion but usually well after the opening.

2                Read over and ponder the lucky fourteen above. As you do, mentally note any examples of favorite books that come to mind. Share them with the class if you’re so inclined.

Time Traveler’s Wife – setting. The library where he works and she is visiting for the first time.
Experimental Marine Biology – Symbolic object and Sensory – Whale Earwax. It is so goofy and totally works in the context of the author’s other books.
Red, White, and Royal Blue – Setting and Scene. The White House in general, the roof patio, and then the First Siblings’ bedrooms.
Polaris Rising – Action and Setting. A fight on a space ship. A woman against several men and a captain who doesn’t fit in with the mercenaries.
Beach Read – Idea and Character’s Thoughts. “I have a character flaw.”
Warrior’s Apprentice – Character’s thoughts. He’s preparing for a qualifying race but he keep analyzing the speaker’s motives and dropping setting clues.

3   Read over the Lesson Three PDF “Examples” attached. Pick two openings and match them to one (or more) of the fourteen. (Note: many are SF or fantasy, because that’s what I have on hand.) Tell us why you chose that opening to dissect.

A – Shore Leave. Setting and Sex and Need/Motive.
D – Space Western. Strong Sensation, Setting, and motive.

These two appealed to me with a female MC PoV and dramatic sexy setting. Both have a lot of tropes but I’m curious to see how these will fulfilled or twisted somehow.
I’m clearly not drawn into bloody opening scenes.


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