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Linnea Sinclair

Using Goodreads I did a spot check of some of the books I rated the highest and then the ones I read this year. Iā€™m surprised how few of the opening scenes stuck with me. I do DNF on occasion but usually well after the opening.

Good job using Goodreads. Now, I’m not 100% sure that the purpose of opening scenes is to stick with you (though some d0). The purpose is to make you 1) stick with the story and 2) stick with the author. A weak, lousy opening scene will likely not accomplish that (unless you’re already committed to the author and/or bored out of your gourd mid-flight and there’s no movie). šŸ™‚

Nice analysis on the Lucky 14. šŸ™‚

A ā€“ Shore Leave. Setting and Sex and Need/Motive.
D ā€“ Space Western. Strong Sensation, Setting, and motive.

These two appealed to me with a female MC PoV and dramatic sexy setting. Both have a lot of tropes but Iā€™m curious to see how these will fulfilled or twisted somehow.
Iā€™m clearly not drawn into bloody opening scenes.

…AND we authors love to make you curious! Again–all–note that backstory or extraneous detail weakens curiosity. You’d lose Mary as a reader and we’d never want to do that!



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