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Linnea Sinclair

There are so many different perspectives out there. I love reading for craft (one can never have too much knowledge, right?), but what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. I previously had the Ah-Hah! moment of realizing I have to take what works for me, what speaks to me, and come up with my OWN process or way of looking at things. This lesson reinforced that for me.

Yes, you do. Writing something that doesn’t resonate strongly to you will result in weak writing. (Unless one is a paid hack writer, in which case, one has trained oneself to do that, not at all as art, but solely as craft. And don’t misunderstand–paid hack writers and ghost writers can make BIG bucks… but I suspect you’d lack in the sizzle and fire one gets when writing from the heart. And I speak as a former news reporter and feature writer…)

For me, this works to the settings and strong sensations categories. It should be spring-like because the calendar says April, but it’s snowing. The weather could turn worse at any moment. The characters are in the middle of calving season, working long hard days, and the ground is muddy and most likely cold to boot. I get a strong sensation that Mackenzie Monroe expects respect and hard work from his newly adopted sons, even if they are young. On a ranch, chores begin at an early age. The opening resonates with me because I’m fascinated by the west, by ranching and horses and cows and that whole life. Admittedly, the life is probably much harder than I can imagine, being a city girl.

My brain craves more because I’ve always wanted to spend some time on a ranch. I want to ride horses and take in the landscape. I want to see wranglers in action. I anticipate that Mackenzie Monroe is going to shape the lives of these three young men in ways none of them ever expected, and I want to know their stories. Why were they in the foster care system? How were they finally reunited?

Perfect! You feel about the west and ranching the way I do about interstellar adventure and starships. We all have something that rings our chimes, and if as a writer you learn that early, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and heartache.

It’s been said (hundreds of times) to write what you love, and I believe that. It’s also been said, write what you KNOW, and I disagree somewhat. I can’t know interstellar space travel. But I can know the emotional issues and some of the physical logistics, and translate those things into my fiction.


Nicely thought-out!


//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//


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