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Linnea Sinclair

Thanks for the rooting interests links. You also talked about this in the Workable Checklist class, but I don’t remember seeing the website. I was asking about the three key elements because I’d been thinking about my WIP, and realized I haven’t done a great job with empathy. The rooting interests list definitely gives me more to work with.

Donna actually had a lovely article not only on the attributes but the whys behind them and the balance needed. I have it around somewhere on this computer. I shall suss it out for you but, essentially, it’s common sense. Readers–who are imperfect humans themselves–find they resonate to loveable but imperfect characters rather than (as was a trope in romance for decades) the perfect and sexy and chipper heroine. A character’s FLAWS are something we flawed readers relate to. “The main character is just like me EXCEPT she succeeds!” It goes back to the fact that no one truly loves the tall, slender and naturally gorgeous prom queen. We’re all envious of her. We love the prom queen who was born blind or lost her legs in a car accident or whatever and yet through determination and spunk, now is voted Best In Class. (Which is why Alona Dare had to be hit by a bus…) 😉

Donna’s HEA list isn’t Happily Ever After BUT Humanistic, Empathetic, and Admiration. Ah-hah! Just found it on my hard drive. Attached. I suspect you’ll find it great fun and helpful. Let me know…

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