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Lesson 3 homework:

I do find it interesting when looking over the list and thinking about some of my favorite books how the intro drives me into the book. Looking at my bookshelf my favorite authors are really the ones that draw you in from the beginning of a book. It doesn’t have to be a finish it in one setting book, although some are, it’s more the emotional/ physical draw of wanting to see what happens next to the character. When looking I rarely remembered the actual intro to some of my favorite books, but I definitely remember which ones drew me in and kept me reading early into the morning because I was invested. Except the scary ones, those go in the pantry til I am ready to pick them back up no matter how invested I am in them.

D. This is very much a strong sensations opening. There are others in here as well, Scene, Need/motive, and sex stand out. But I think the overwhelming one is strong sensations.

A: Setting, need/motive and I guess because of the act sex. Even though it doesn’t seem to be a strong part of the opening, it is still there so I guess we can add it as a category.

I read all of these examples several times trying to pick two. I picked D pretty easy because I liked the voice of the opening. The others were more challenging. Some I definitely did not like, and others I was just ambivalent about so I just picked the first one. I am not a fan of the gore right off the bat (girl losing her arm) if I am not already emotionally invested in a character apparently.



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