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Cynthia Capley

Lesson 2

(A) The change is the seeker being chased by the elvin sorcerer. The fear being faced is that of death/extinction and/or mutilation. Since we’re dealing with a sorcerer, this fear of extinction could be the death of more than just the seeker. Potentially, the sorcerer could have enough powers to destroy all humans. There is also the fear of failure—the ramifications for the seeker could be great.

As far as core needs, the certainty of the seeker’s world has been upset by finding the sorcerer. There is also the uncertainty of what the seeker will be facing next.

The emotions I get from this is that although the seeker is facing a dangerous situation, there is humor in how the situation is being described. I find this contrast interesting to me as a reader.

(E) The change is the POV character having his wings removed. The character is facing the fear of mutilation. He may also be facing the fear of separation. He is changing form with the loss of his wings, will no longer be able to fly, and now has flesh. I’m thinking he is also experiencing a loss of autonomy since he’s feeling the constraints of being in a physical body.

I feel his situation is very uncertain and his feelings of connection to himself and others has been disrupted. He may never feel like himself again or belong again.

This opener caught my interest because of the situation. The POV character has volunteered to be mutilated and as a result physically changed. This change appears to be permanent and will have ramifications for him.


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