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Linnea Sinclair

The change is the seeker being chased by the elvin sorcerer. The fear being faced is that of death/extinction and/or mutilation. Since we’re dealing with a sorcerer, this fear of extinction could be the death of more than just the seeker. Potentially, the sorcerer could have enough powers to destroy all humans. There is also the fear of failure—the ramifications for the seeker could be great.

Absolutely! And yes, Lisa Shearin pairs this with her great sense of snark. Raine, her MC, is definitely the underdog in the magic world. Rather than being like Superman going against the bad guys, Raine is more like the TV “fake” starship crew in Galaxy Quest, who are way out of their league and doing the best they can in the crazy situation.

But the threats in Raine’s life (throughout the whole series) are very real (to her).  I love Shearin’s writing and she does a great job pairing tongue-in-cheek with serious threats.


This opener caught my interest because of the situation. The POV character has volunteered to be mutilated and as a result physically changed. This change appears to be permanent and will have ramifications for him.

It’s definitely one of the stronger openings I’ve ever read and hence why I use it.

The author is Claire Delacroix aka Deborah Cooke aka Claire Cross:

I was asked (and was flabbergasted, considering who the author is!) to read it for a cover quote. It’s not my usual fare and the story blew me away. Just as an FYI, I probably turn down more requests for quotes than I accept. If you see a cover quote (or any quote) from me on or inside a book, or on an author’s website, then it’s a superbly crafted story.


//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//


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