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Cynthia Capley

Lesson Three

1- I think I enjoy action beginnings most. If a book starts with setting there is a balance to be maintained as I feel there can be too much description which can impact the pacing, especially at the opening of the story. I think opening with the characters thoughts can also be interesting especially if their observations are snarky or humorous.

2- I feel at times opening can have more than one category of openings. Elizabeth Hoyt is an author I enjoy reading that combines the Character’s Thoughts with Action. The character in this case talks about what she thought she would be doing as an adult and then the story goes into the ¬†Anna Bradley also combines Character’s Thoughts with Action. Caroline Linden is another author and I think in some of her books the opening comes across as omniscient which would place it under the Prediction category of openings.

If a novel has a prologue would that be considered the opening for the story?

3- B: I think the categories of openings for B are Strong Sensations and Action. I also think A Need or Motive also applies since the POV character hears the screams and then attempts to stop her looms.

C: The categories for this example is Prediction as it seems to me there is author intrusion in the first paragraph and also Character Thought as he is searching for Ax.



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