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I chose A & E.


Setting: brief description of setting, the sheets, time of day, person next to her, where her body was compared to the surroundings.

Strong Sensation: silken sheets, drowsy, strange bed, worry-free face of lover, multifaceted hunger

Sex/imminent:combo of some of the above, freedom of leave, luxuriating, drowsy, opportunistic, warm attractive (albeit not overly manly) body next to her, super sensory scratching, nuzzling, large bed, silky sheets, desire.

Character’s thoughts: culmination of setting, desire, opportunity: take advantage of her leave, no worry what his name is.


Setting verges on Strong sensations: Sussex Downs, year of 1915, bushes, fields where sheep not uncommon, cool/sunny day, southeasertly toward sea, stone walls and cliffs.

Action/Travel/Character’s thoughts: Nice narration of his amble and mindset, combined with the setting.

Anecdotal: when he steps on Sherlock Holmes who he initially mistakes as a tramp and then deciphers from his manner of speaking to be well educated.  Also is author’s role in being somewhat clueless and lost in his reading.


I typed right into the box this time instead of attaching.  Not sure the difference in how it displays.  Preference?


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