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Linnea Sinclair

This beginning aroused my curiosity, and then my symphony. Why does Pressia need to hide in the cabinet? What is the OSR? And how can her ailing grandfather even hope to protect himself with only a brick?  Plus, I’m wondering what grandfather’s job as a flesh-tailor involves, and what caused the Before to end. I’m definitely motivated to read on. Also, I like that Pressia and her grandfather care for each other and that they seem to be in desperate straits even before this OSR shows up.  The story also starts at the moment of change, which seems to be the MC’s approaching birthday.

Sympathy. 🙂 Typos are so much fun. 🙂

It really has a feel similar to Holocaust stories, doesn’t it? Like a dystopian Anne Frank. And in the midst of all the oddities, yes, genuine emotion between Pressia and her grandfather. It gives something real to hang on to in the midst of all the oddities.

The brain is required to find answers when it encounters question, or so says Lisa Cron! 🙂 We keep reading because we wonder about sleeping in cabinets

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